Tiffany Zhao


Foundry Certified Nuke trainer

Rohini Montenegro brings 12 years of expertise in visual effects artistry for the film, broadcast and commercial fields.

Rohini Montenegro

2D Supervisor

Michal Finegold is a Senior CG Technical Director with  an extensive background in both computer programming and traditional art, Project experienced Hobbit , Noah, Happy Feet Two ...
Michal Finegold
Lighting TD

Steve Shi

Steve is a senior concept artist currently based in San Francisco. He has done concept work and illustrations in video games, tv shows, film and worked for studios such as Acitivision-Blizzard, Bethesda, Amazon, Rhythem & Hues and more.

Hongbo Wang

CO-Founder Beijing

Sergey Polishchuk is a 10-plus year visual effects veteran of animation and visual effects for the entertainment field. 

Sergey Polishchuk 

Head of 3D

Rick Shick is a 25 year veteran of the film and television industry with a keen eye for creative problem solving.
Rich Shick
Onset Supervisor

Xiaojia Zhu

VFX Producer

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315 W 36th St New York

 NY 10018

 United States

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