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NUKE Training


Tingting ZHAO -Nuke trainer, TiffanyFX, NY

Training provide: Bluescreen & Greenscreen Keying/Multi-LayerCGI Compositing/
Photorealistic Color Correction/2D and Planar Tracking/3D Object &CameraTracking/
Paint & Rotoscoping/Rig Removal/Camera 3D Projection


Working freelance as a nuke and shake operator has allowed me to work on many film and TV show projects including : 

"When he comes back" (2018)

"Super Troopers2" (2018)

"Get out" (2017)

"Beauty and beast" (2016)

“Beyond Skyline”(2016)


“The Runner” (2015)

 “Baller”( (2015)

“Murry xmas”( (2015)

“For Justice”( (2015)

 "Bessie"(2015, Director:Dee Rees)

 "True Story"(2015, Director:Rupert Goold)

 "The Giver" (2014, Director:Phillip Noyce)

 "The Nest"(2015,Director:David Cronenberg) 

 "The Strain" (2014)

 "Marco Polo"(2014)


 "Narcos"(2015,Director: José Padilha)

 “Monster Truck”(2015)

 “22 Jump Street” (2014)

 "Tin Man" (2014)

 "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby" (2013)

“This is the End” (Director Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen, 2013)

"Now You See me" (Director Louis Leterrier 2013).

Test video

Heading 2

Class01 Nuke AudioRead/Noop/Hueshift Color Curve 

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